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OXYGEN O2 Clear Shade Diluter works with a unique ON/OFF skin technology. This product allows you to adjust the degree of permeability of the dye into the skin surface and as a result, it allows the technician to create more than 1000 new shades!
Cream-Activator 2.7% is an important part of the OXYGEN O2 eyebrow and eyelash coloring system. It contains a minimum percentage of hydrogen peroxide therefore acts on the skin and hairs less aggressively but guarantees bright and long-lasting color.
Want a smarter solution for tinting eyebrows and eyelashes? Then look no further!
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ВLACK 2.07 Perfect for eyebrows and eyelashes that desire a deep and intense color! It provides a reliable and high-quality dyeing result. Ideal for intense brunettes, This color is recommended to be mixed with OXYGEN O2 CLEAR SHADE DILUTER or used as a corrector.
BROWN 5.67 Perfect for providing the eyebrow with cold brown coverage. It is best suited for clients with brown, blonde and red hair of all different shades.
GRAPHITE 3.11 Perfect for ashy and dark blonde women. It can be used for tinting men’s eyebrows, cover grey hairs naturally and depending on the exposure time, it is possible to achieve both light and dark grey shades!
WARM WALNUT 6.42 This dye is suitable not only for eyebrows of red, reddish and similar shades but also successfully complements the image of warm blondes and women with light brown hair.
FixTone is used after tinting to stop the dyeing on skin and hairs and to stabilize the result.
BrowXenna® Oxygen O2 Dye Remover is suitable for correcting or eliminating errors during the coloring process. It lightens the skin but does not affect the color of dyed hair.
BrowXenna® presents the most powerful natural stimulant for eyelash and eyebrow growth.
BOTOX-X is a care product for eyebrows and eyelashes.
BrowXenna® brow Oil for eyelash and eyebrow growth — an effective tool for quick recovery of eyebrows and eyelashes.
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  • ВLACK 2.07
  • GRAPHITE 3.11
  • BROWN 5.67
  • WARM WALNUT 6.42