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Three universal shades of BrowXenna® Brow Henna Set will give your eyebrows expressive volume, rich color, and incredible fixation for up to six weeks.
From £80.00
Set brunette, BrowXenna® is suitable for brown-haired women and brunettes and women with darker eyebrows.
Set blonde, BrowXenna® is suitable for clients with light eyebrows.
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# 201 Pearl Blonde is suitable for blondes with very pale skin. It gives a gentle coloring effect, nearly invisible on the skin. To make the tone richer, mix the "Pearl Blonde" shade with "Light Chestnut". In order to avoid undesirable warm tint with yellowness, add a small amount of "Graphite concentrate".
# 202 "Light Blonde" is suitable for light blondes and women with olive skin tone. In its pure form, the shade can give a light haze or look transparent on the skin.
#203 "Light Chestnut" is one of the most popular shades for blondes with honey, golden and apricot hair tones. Also recommended to women with bright red hair.